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Patients with a sudden acute problem, such as an injury or toothache will be seen the same day if at all possible. While we may not be able to render complete treatment, we will certainly do all we can to make you comfortable.

If you are a patient of record and have a dental emergency at a time that our practice is closed, please call the office at 613.739.4286 and you will be given instructions on how to reach us.

If you need immediate attention, or there is a severe emergency, please proceed to the nearest hospital.

If you sustain an injury to your mouth, you know that a trip to the dentist is urgently needed. But what about other aches and pains? How do you know when emergency dental treatment is necessary?

  • Swelling and pain should never be ignored, even if the pain is manageable. A
       dentist can identify the problem and prevent an infection from spreading.
  • Loose teeth can be a sign of disease and should be examined.
  • Food and bacteria can become trapped in the space left by a lost filling, so
       treatment is needed.
  • Bleeding gums can be a sign of gum disease and should be checked by a dentist.

When in doubt about an emergency, always contact us for advice on whether immediate treatment is needed.